Saturday, 6 June 2015

Chester Zoo Sketches

I went to Chester Zoo recently for (what I think was) the first time ever!

It was brilliant. As soon as you enter you get to see a bunch of elephants, and even a baby flump. Once I'd seen that, everything else was really just a bonus! I especially loved the butterfly house - I'd been dying to go to one for a long time, as I used to love going in them on holidays when I was little! It was also great to see Oakfield House, as I enjoyed last year's BBC series 'Our Zoo' maybe a little too much.

But yes. It was a magical day, and want to go again at some point! We were there for eight hours I think and hadn't managed to see it all. We had to rush through the gift shop, which was a shame really as it was BRILLIANT. Of course I managed to buy a small wooden flump (amongst other things) though :) Here's a few sketches from photos I took on the day. Hope you like them! ~

Soph x

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