Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pencil Pet Portraits & Some Sad News

I've had loads of commissions lately for portraits of people's pets! I just love doing them. Hearing about each of their little personalities and what makes them unique is just wonderful ~ they're definitely one of my favourite commissions to get! Below is a select few of the little cuties I've had the pleasure of capturing over the last few months ~

If you'd like your own pencil pet portrait, just visit my Etsy shop :)

Speaking of wonderfully unique pets, my best friend of 15 and a half years, Millie the border collie, passed away a couple of weeks ago. It was really tough, and the house just doesn't feel the same since she left. There will never be another dog like her - she was so smart, and sweet. She even used to smile, and didn't really seem like just a dog - she was so much more than that. Ah, Millie... I miss you.

Soph x

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