Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My First 3 Hallmark Cards!

It's been two months or so since I last posted here. Gulp. I'm still keeping busy, but I tend to update my Facebook and Twitter a lot more often than Blogger. Not sure why, maybe it's just a habit I've developed? I still love blogging though, and despite opening a little Tumblr blog, Blogger still feels way more 'me'.
Anyway, as always, I'm going to try to post more on here! :)

Well, loads of things have happened since I last posted! I can finally show you my first three Hallmark cards, which have been sighted in certain shops in the UK already! It's so exciting. Here they are ~

 photo 10320516_10203565750444865_2646506767715890214_n_zpsdd29bf95.jpg

And some close up images, front & back (I'm so, so SO pleased my name is actually displayed on the back for this collection!) ~

Boy & Girl

 photo BoyampGirl1-Copy_zpsf7eca7ba.jpg photo BoyampGirl2-Copy_zps5f286a9e.jpg


 photo Dogs1-Copy_zps30ce607d.jpg photo Dogs2-Copy_zpsd2054e71.jpg


 photo Cats1-Copy_zps00a198c4.jpg photo Cats2-Copy_zps7580ea57.jpg 

Hopefully they will be the first of many, as I'm still freelancing for them a few times a week. It's the loveliest office ever, and the work I've done so far for them has been so interesting and fun!

I'll post again soon, thanks as always for reading.

Soph x