Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sketchy Bear Obsession

Well my New Year's Resolution to post more often didn't exactly work out for me... but at last, I'm posting again! Please forgive my neglect of blogger...

'Little' life-update ~

All I can tell you is I've been super-busy.

Well, that's not totally true - I've been working for Hallmark for three days a week, and even though that might not seem like much, settling into a routine again has been really tiring - especially since it takes so long to get there and back. It's good though, I just wish I could train myself to keep up with important stuff, like this blog, keeping in touch with people, and trying to draw at least once a day, amongst other stuff.
I've also shamefully wasted lots of time and effort watching loads of Dexter and films and playing Dungeon Keeper 2 again (one of my favourite games when I was little), which was mainly because I got a tablet for Christmas, and there's a new (awful) Dungeon Keeper game that reminded me of how awesome the original ones were... anyway yes. Excuses, excuses!
It's not all been horrible distractions and laziness though - I finally took my first driving lesson last week! I have my second one tomorrow, and I'm totally excited and hyped for it. Had to sort out some new massive glasses to get started, but I'm so glad I took the first step. 
 As always I promise to post more often! Check my facebook page for the most up-to-date updates on my illustration though!

Back to illustration-related news! 

I've mostly been doing work for Hallmark, and I wish so much I could share some of the stuff I've done with you! I'm super-proud of a few things, but sadly for legal reasons I really shouldn't. I do have three cards going into shops this year though, so hopefully I'll spot them in shops and share them with you here! I'm so excited about that. It's going to be totally surreal - they're going to have my name on the back and everything. Wow oh wow.

I've done lots of stand-alone illustrations too, which I've tried to keep up to date with sharing on facebook. Still going through a severe bear phase (which I doubt will ever really leave me) and I've also recently embraced the pencil as my weapon of choice. Here's a few bear illustrations I've done with the humble pencil, but edited digitally like nobody's business (what can I say, I just like using my graphics tablet...) ~

 photo pickeduflowers2_zpsf4da1d13.jpg photo bearygdmother2-Copy_zps520c55b5.jpg photo bearfoxhug2-Copy_zps602ad49d.jpg photo applepickinbear-Copy_zpsf54fcc2a.jpg photo bearcouple3_zps79d7d6b3.jpg photo berlentines2_zps967a82b9.jpg

Seriously I'm feeling a little children's book coming on with this bear character. It just has to happen I think. I've been thinking about going back to Uni this year to do my Master's in Children's Book Illustration, but I'm not sure I'm ready yet. Feel like I need the skeleton of a story before I even apply...

Thanks for reading, I'll be back again soon.

Soph x