Monday, 23 December 2013

Collaboration with Knittynudo!

So so so SO sorry for the lack of posts recently! I've been super-busy working for Hallmark and visiting my nan (she turned 100 recently!) preparing for Christmas and generally trying to get myself on track! It's been the busiest few months I've ever had, I think. Anyway, there's a backlog of stuff I have to tell you about! I'll keep it simple and do it post by post, over the next few weeks hopefully - one of my New Year's resolutions is to just generally sort things out and get more organised, which includes updating my blog as often as I can.

In short, Caroline (AKA Knittynudo) is a talented needle felter - we became friends earlier this year through a mutual respect of each other's work, and general kindred-spiritness. I loved her felties so much that I decided to illustrate a few of them in what I thought their 'natural habitats' might look like ~

 photo llamacorn3_zps47b7bfd0.jpg  photo bombadiliuswoodlandspirit-small_zpsb744b480.jpg  photo rainbird3_zpsec24f82f.jpg  photo img1012-small_zpsabf0a26e.jpg

We also did a collaboration, where I drew some creatures and Knittynudo felted them, and vice versa. The original results are available to buy on Etsy (although I sort of hope nobody buys them as I've grown rather attached!)

 photo il_570xN527541267_am1m_zpse1230ee3.jpg
'Fox Friends'
 photo il_570xN527557133_i4km_zps851ef086.jpg
'Bear Pair'
 photo il_570xN520628324_rbxy_zpsd6346be7.jpg
 photo il_570xN520630424_h0ya_zps7f1ae063.jpg

Hope you like :)

I'll update you with other stuff I've been up to soon! Have a lovely Christmas!!

Soph x