Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Illustration Friday - 'Totem'

I absolutely loved this week's Illustration Friday theme, so I did three images for it instead of one! Hippo, Puppy, and Croc. Maybe I'll create a small series with this idea, I find it really cute. I could draw animals stacking on top of one another all day to be honest. Hope you like :)

 photo totemmm_zpsfae15b37.jpg photo totem2_zps13e75bf3.jpg
 photo totemm2_zps6d336c07.jpg

I have a few exciting and interesting things so fill you in on - I'm a little slow at blogging recently due to being quite busy, but all will be revealed soon! :D

Soph x


  1. These are adorable, Sophie! Love how each character has it's own personality! I'm thinking the crocs are my favorites - I love how the upright one really mixes things up.

  2. Love them! The dogs are breaking my heart! Absolutely fabulous!


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