Sunday, 11 August 2013

Animal Anatomy

Hi guys, here's a recent personal illustration project I've been working on. The basic idea is this ~

A series of parody anatomy illustrations
that examine certain animals in great detail. 

Hope you enjoy.

 photo chickenanatomy_zpsf3b3f2df.jpg photo cowanatomy_zps5a1931d7.jpg photo elephantanatomy_zps24b9c672.jpg photo rabbitanatomy_zps462b48cb.jpg

This series is on-going, but you can buy the work seen above here and here.

If there's any animals you'd like to suggest, just send me a message, or leave a comment, or something! :) I did the cow as a request for someone via my facebook page, for example.

Soph x

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  1. These drawings are so funny and clever!!
    Have you thought about doing a giraffe? :)


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