Thursday, 29 August 2013

Illustration Friday - 'Rescue'

My submission for this week's Illustration Friday theme 'Rescue'. It's a little portrait of the lovely Canadian singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. Check the lyrics below to get a better idea of the theme. Hope you like!

 photo leonardcohen2_zpsbabd482a.jpg

"It feels so good
And it feels so right
It feels like I've been rescued
In the middle of the night
And the sweetest voice has spoken
And the deepest wound is healed
And the darkness is exploding
And it feels, it just feels
Thank you Babe, thank you Babe"

~ 'It Just Feels' by Leonard Cohen
& David A. Stewart

I'm challenging myself to do more people portraits recently, and Leo's such a cool guy with unusual features! He was very fun to draw. If you're lucky enough to have seen him perform live, please be aware that I am quite jealous of you.

Soph x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Birthday & Axolotl Art

Last Friday, it was my 22nd birthday! On a whim, Thursday evening I came up with this ~

Hopefully it speaks for itself. I spammed social media sites with the image (sorry if I annoyed anyone! Hehe), but it was worth it in the end. Throughout my birthday, I had loads of submissions of axolotl art, and it totally made my day!

 photo anxietydecendingontwitter_zps97e6c02d.jpg photo DaniLabrosse_zps5e6d108e.jpg photo beckihinge_zpsd3272476.jpg photo amywitham_zps95f40c94.jpg photo janeeccles_zps77e02bd2.jpg photo katiecorrigan_zps3566df9e.jpg photo anon_zps5b30bd79.jpg photo itsmerizwaneontwitter_zpsf975df16.jpg photo mattcorrigan_zps8c7420ce.jpg photo mydad_zpsdbef9daa.jpg photo httpinsecurities-kill-the-perfecttumblrcom_zps5ec54626.jpg photo mymum_zps59af5949.jpg photo edallen_zps6c9742a8.jpg photo foxboy_zps37912dce.jpg photo alexyoungaweeprintstudio_zpsd9d70920.jpg photo heatherfranzenartbyhezooonfacebook_zps31b6db67.png photo laurathompsonlthompsonartontwitter_zpsb7f7bfc2.jpg photo leonel_zpsb7336c1a.jpg photo lizzwatson_zps23fcfcdd.jpg photo margaretchamberlain_zps0e4ca9d1.jpg photo jasbirdillustrations_zpsa80fe036.jpg photo marialincoln_zpse8d9364e.jpg photo nikithorridge_zpsd1417ebb.jpg photo nikitahorridge2_zps9cd676de.jpg photo rosievegro_zpsc08eea58.jpg photo Olgawassupbrothers_zpsd81f5fb3.jpg photo samcookson_zpsa6878a54.jpg photo sarahcrosby_zps69470bbd.jpg photo sharonburn_zps039915e6.jpg photo tressalapham-green_zps50b3b734.jpg photo saralynncramb_zps21cfbe43.jpg photo tomcollins_zps761fc3f8.jpg photo sophieheywood_zps996ab354.jpg

Check out the brilliant people who created them via my facebook page. Thanks again to everyone who joined in - and if you still want to draw me an axxie, I'll be more than happy to add it to the gallery! My axolotls are so pleased with all of you guys. And I intend to do something similar every year.

Speaking of axolotls, I'd like to introduce you all to my new little bro, Johnson ~

 photo johnsontheaxolotl_zps5d71ab5b.jpg

He's not so easy to photograph because he's a melanoid, but he's a little sweetie.

Apart from the awesome bunch of drawings, for my birthday, I got a Wii U (my family tend to spoil me!) and a whole bunch of wonderful, thoughtful gifts, including a Dexter boxset, a jumper with a squirrel on it, and this plushie ~

 photo axolotlplush_zps5c2a1871.jpg

 It was a pretty great day.

Soph x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Animal Anatomy

Hi guys, here's a recent personal illustration project I've been working on. The basic idea is this ~

A series of parody anatomy illustrations
that examine certain animals in great detail. 

Hope you enjoy.

 photo chickenanatomy_zpsf3b3f2df.jpg photo cowanatomy_zps5a1931d7.jpg photo elephantanatomy_zps24b9c672.jpg photo rabbitanatomy_zps462b48cb.jpg

This series is on-going, but you can buy the work seen above here and here.

If there's any animals you'd like to suggest, just send me a message, or leave a comment, or something! :) I did the cow as a request for someone via my facebook page, for example.

Soph x