Sunday, 21 July 2013

D&AD's New Blood Show in London, 03/07/13

Hello lovely readers! I know it's been a long time since I updated, and that is due to the simple fact that the UK has been experiencing a heatwave. Call it unprofessional, but when it's 30 degrees in the shade, I can't bear to put my laptop on and type. I simply can't handle it. The majority of my time has been spent cooling down the axolotl tank - because, like me, they simply can't handle too much heat. Anyway, today seems to be a bit cooler than the last few weeks, and I am back at the keyboard.

 photo DSC01455_zps627bccdc.jpg

I went to D&AD's New Blood show in London, and although we squeezed the trip into just one day, it as a lot of fun. I mainly paid attention to the other university's illustration work - there was a lot of really brilliant stuff there. My three top favourites were Emily Rose Lambert, Little Ink Stain and Elliot Kruszynski. I also really enjoyed the work by Hayley Chan, Louise Byrnes, Kate Alizadeh and Ella Bailey. Please do check them out! I found a lot of their stuff super-inspiring and original. Worth going just to discover their work.

Here's some photos I got on the day ~

 photo DSC01422_zps51e8b27e.jpg

Here's UCLan's Illustration section ~

 photo DSC01440_zpsa231d255.jpg  photo DSC01424_zps19424048.jpg

Can you spy little Leo? :)

 photo DSC01427_zps591e2713.jpg

 photo DSC01426_zps410b443c.jpg

 photo DSC01425_zps19735837.jpg  photo DSC01429_zps1c7fca82.jpg  photo DSC01438_zps33f6815c.jpg 

 I was highly honoured to have my Ukulele Bear painting get featured on the front of UCLan's leaflets!

Here's some work from the other universities on show, etc ~

 photo DSC014462_zpsc4c04eb9.jpg
There was a graffiti wall. I had to add an axolotl.
   photo DSC01435_zps8ecde2d0.jpg  photo DSC01437_zpsb9e4d4fb.jpg  photo DSC01442_zps90ad987b.jpg  photo DSC01443_zpsb0cd43df.jpg  photo DSC01444_zps753ceb88.jpg  photo DSC014463_zpsee56730a.jpg  photo DSC01447_zpsafc52e6c.jpg  photo DSC01457_zpsbb352acc.jpg 

Overall it was a fantastic day. I even had time to check out the sights of London, which is something I've wanted to do for years. I also discovered that I absolutely love the tube, despite nearly getting lost and stranded at one point... I got some pretty photos of the city, and its wonderful and famous landmarks, but here's an odd photo of me outside Buckingham Palace, and a nice squirrel we watched in Camden instead ~

I graduated a couple of weeks ago, too. I'll update you on that as soon as my special triumphant photos of me holding a scroll arrive in the post.

Soph x


  1. Thank you for the mention Sophie! Lots of great photos, hope you had a lovely day ^_^

    P.S. I also somehow got lost when coming out of Kings Cross, didn't know which way to go to get to Spitalfielfds! Walked around endlessly for a while but got to D&AD eventually XD
    Congratulations on graduating also! I had mine on Friday :D yay!

  2. Well, congratulations on your graduation :)
    very good place for the show, very bright and spacious
    I saw your axolotl on the wall, ha ha!
    and your drawings and the book!
    it is a pity that there were no children in order to observe their reaction
    to see them your book
    oh you can not work with heat, is real. heat is to be on vacation!
    Good week for you Sophie!


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