Thursday, 20 June 2013

Degree Show Exhibition

 photo DSC013312_zps3b9a0b81.jpg

... It's all been put up, and shown to the public! I've finally made the time to blog about it (these last few weeks have been ridiculously busy...) The exhibition marks the end of my BA Illustration course, so it's all rather emotional.

Here's a bunch of Friday's (really, really busy - despite the awful rain) private view ~

 photo 1008308_471676416251355_2078636508_o_zps3cca3727.jpg  photo 1008386_471676006251396_2055129872_o_zpse572016b.jpg  photo 1008392_471677299584600_2007321651_o_zpsda45b967.jpg  photo 1008481_471679839584346_783720636_o_zpsfa19601f.jpg  photo 1009303_471679749584355_808681422_o_zpsa6580fae.jpg  photo 1014516_471679666251030_1708425031_o_zpsf8f90db6.jpg  photo 1014565_471679889584341_1559950910_o_zpsbab3b4ef.jpg  photo 1015247_471678579584472_1619910007_o_zps00f47d80.jpg  photo moar1_zps5e8dc743.jpg  photo moar2_zps27bd8439.jpg  photo moar3_zps69ac48b9.jpg  photo moar4_zps3ed97728.jpg  photo moar5_zps5c8dedea.jpg

Everyone's work was brilliant! So well done to you all :) If anyone's work here has caught your eye, just send me a message and I'll be happy to pass on the illustrator's details to you. Believe me, their stuff is well worth checking out.

Soph x 

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  1. Congratulations Sophie!
    The  work that caught my attention is that of Sophie Corrigan :))) Ha Ha, great illustrator!
    Very beautiful place for the exhibition!
    Good weekend for you! :)


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