Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Leo's Lost Donut

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Finally getting around to blogging about this!

Please forgive my not posting, I've had the book for a couple of weeks now, but Uni is coming to an end and I'm extra-busy at the moment. Anyway, here's some quick photos of my honours project - a rhyming children's book called 'Leo's Lost Donut'. Thoroughly loved every part of this project! ~

 photo DSC010332_zps2d90750e.jpg
 photo DSC010342_zpsebc7a023.jpg  photo DSC010352_zpsc099f45f.jpg  photo DSC010362_zps07ef2a55.jpg
 photo DSC010372_zpsa36dc500.jpg  photo DSC010382_zps182974f5.jpg  photo DSC010392_zps8a0e967a.jpg  photo DSC010402_zps730cc572.jpg  photo DSC010412_zps68739bd1.jpg  photo DSC010422_zps51410847.jpg
 photo DSC010432_zps04cafc59.jpg  photo DSC010442_zpsa6774dcf.jpg  photo DSC010452_zps1343fee4.jpg  photo DSC010462_zps90ea0b25.jpg  photo DSC010472_zps3cb9d8af.jpg  photo DSC010482_zps85ec9c7d.jpg  photo DSC010492_zps928bdc27.jpg  photo DSC010502_zps41ab3a89.jpg 

The photos aren't the greatest - think I'll need to get it properly photographed at some point - but I just wanted to share! Hope you like the story :) Here's a few close-ups ~  

 photo DSC010512_zpsd1da086f.jpg  photo DSC010522_zpsc4f150b0.jpg  photo DSC010532_zps47a51ee6.jpg  photo DSC010542_zps5ec676fe.jpg  photo DSC010552_zps5ad72e4a.jpg  photo DSC010582_zps8d280b18.jpg  photo DSC010602_zps5c53ef74.jpg  photo DSC010632_zps5d58f895.jpg

The book has now been sent off to the Macmillan Prize Children's Book Competition - now it's a waiting game to see if the judges liked it or not D:

Thanks for stopping by!

Soph x 


  1. Hey Sophie
    This is sensational!
    I really love it!
    I guess you wrote the text also?
    Congratulations wonderful, well drawn, cute book size for kids!
    I congratulate you once again! you are an excellent ilustrator!!! :)))

    1. Thanks Roberto! Really appreciate it, it was such a huge project, but a real labour of love. And yes, I also wrote the text :)
      Soph x

  2. ah, and your green nails look so cute :)))

    1. Hehe, thanks! Green is just my colour ^_^
      Soph x


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