Friday, 24 May 2013

Groups of Creatures & Finishing My Illustration Course

 All this week, the rest of final-year illustration group and I have been putting up an exhibition. It's the end of year show, for our final honours project work, and whatever other work we've been particularly proud of this year. It was a busy week - I'm aching all over from painting and lifting and just generally moving more than usual. The end product was worth it though - the show is now finally up, looks lovely, and in a couple of weeks, will be open to the public. Pictures to follow.

Hit me only this morning that my BA course is actually over... it's a weird feeling. I think I'm going to really miss it... *trails off thoughtfully...*

Anyway! I've done quite a few personal illustrations recently, since I finished with Leo and his missing-donut escapades. These first few are inspired by the awesome creatures one might find wandering about Africa ~

I know what you're thinking. Lions legs aren't actually that long. But that's okay. Messing with proportions is fun.
I kind of loved my baboon and elephant from the group above, so I did these pieces, too ~

 photo baboons_zpsfeb064d1.jpg
 photo siblings_zps8d6fc240.jpg
This one I named 'Don't Forget to Share'...
The other day, I also drew these dinosaurs. I watched a documentary about them and everything, to get them as anatomically (in)accurate as possible ~

 photo Dinos_zps632383bf.jpg

The other day I also discovered something new about myself - I really love drawing dinosaurs.

Until next time :)

Soph x


  1. your monkeys and your dinosaurs are amazing!!

    1. Thanks Roberto! :D I was really pleased with them. Been meaning to do a project on dinosaurs for a while.
      Soph x


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