Monday, 13 May 2013

Design Futures - Illustrated Dissertation Book

I've been working on this essay about my work bit by bit over the last semester, and finally it's all finished and handed in!
Can't believe how close I am to finishing Uni now.

I quite enjoyed designing the pages, and produced some new work just for the book. Hope you like!
(The sneakier amongst you might just be able to read some text too) ~

 photo designfutures1_zps37a9256e.jpg
 photo designfutures2_zpsc6d69c4b.jpg
 photo designfutures3_zps30c79329.jpg  photo designfutures4_zpsc5db2afb.jpg  photo designfutures5_zpsbc53e2ef.jpg
 photo designfutures6_zps8db5b2a8.jpg
 photo designfutures7_zps7ec2dc60.jpg  photo designfutures8_zps9e647304.jpg
 photo designfutures9_zps51e158bd.jpg
 photo designfutures10_zps9a207be0.jpg
 photo designfutures11_zpsae0f6471.jpg  photo designfutures12_zps437e937b.jpg  photo designfutures13_zps4d862c57.jpg  photo designfutures14_zps8f22e106.jpg
 photo designfutures15_zpsf857a5a0.jpg  photo designfutures16_zps2c58f0d1.jpg
 photo designfutures17_zpsfd0759ac.jpg photo designfutures18_zpsb32506d7.jpg
 photo designfutures19_zps4697d43b.jpg photo designfutures20_zps7c53480a.jpg
 photo designfutures21_zpsb8965c47.jpg photo designfutures22_zpsef974444.jpg  photo designfutures23_zpsd622198b.jpg photo designfutures24_zps6779ee08.jpg  photo designfutures25_zps35553169.jpg photo designfutures26_zpsafee1c9c.jpg  photo designfutures27_zps27da22b6.jpg photo designfutures28_zps78840211.jpg  photo designfutures29_zpsd77a087c.jpg photo designfutures30_zpsb067504b.jpg
 photo designfutures31_zps78ce4a2c.jpg photo designfutures32_zpse867ee73.jpg
 photo designfutures33_zps2d4265df.jpg photo designfutures34_zpsfe344913.jpg

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Soph x


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    1. Thanks Andrea! The printers I use always do a stellar job.
      Soph x


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