Saturday, 18 May 2013

Animal Charity eBay Auctions!

Recently I discovered that eBay has a brilliant feature - you can donate any percentage of the sale price of your item to a specific listed charity, though their site, and with no hassle. So I made a new account to do just that! I've always wanted to do something to try and raise money for a good cause, and seeing as I love to draw and paint animals all the time, selling my work seemed the obvious and natural thing to do. So, I've done a few one-off drawings, and I will be listing some for sale every now and then, in aid of animal charities :)

Click here to go to my eBay listings.
Here's a peek at the original artworks I have up for sale at the moment ~

 photo charitycollage_zps621b604f.jpg

These are in aid of Free The Bears and Cats Protection. It's such a nice feeling to see someone out there has placed a bid, and the couple of pictures I have up at the moment have been more popular than I expected! Hopefully, over time, we can help to raise a decent amount for different charities.

Thanks for stopping by!

Soph x

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