Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Wild Commission Appeared!

 photo tomcollinsfacebook_zps4d13d68f.jpg 

...And I was asked to draw another dinosaur, so I was so pleased. Just a small commission for Tom Collins Music Facebook page, but it was very fun to do.

Thought I'd show you a few of the sketches I did, too. It was a fun little project to do because the client wanted to be drawn sitting on a tree stump, playing guitar with a bear. Can't really get much better than that really.

 photo commissionsketchbookcollage_zpse333b03d.jpg 

Here's a close-up of the final stuff I came up with ~

 photo profilepic2_zpsa7d60d45.jpg photo dinosaur_zpsfa523ef7.jpg photo coverphoto2_zpsa8fb5484.jpg

Make sure you click here to see Tom's Dinosaur song. It's ridiculously cute.
 If you would like me to draw something for you too, just get in touch :) I'd be eager to help!

Soph x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Groups of Creatures & Finishing My Illustration Course

 All this week, the rest of final-year illustration group and I have been putting up an exhibition. It's the end of year show, for our final honours project work, and whatever other work we've been particularly proud of this year. It was a busy week - I'm aching all over from painting and lifting and just generally moving more than usual. The end product was worth it though - the show is now finally up, looks lovely, and in a couple of weeks, will be open to the public. Pictures to follow.

Hit me only this morning that my BA course is actually over... it's a weird feeling. I think I'm going to really miss it... *trails off thoughtfully...*

Anyway! I've done quite a few personal illustrations recently, since I finished with Leo and his missing-donut escapades. These first few are inspired by the awesome creatures one might find wandering about Africa ~

I know what you're thinking. Lions legs aren't actually that long. But that's okay. Messing with proportions is fun.
I kind of loved my baboon and elephant from the group above, so I did these pieces, too ~

 photo baboons_zpsfeb064d1.jpg
 photo siblings_zps8d6fc240.jpg
This one I named 'Don't Forget to Share'...
The other day, I also drew these dinosaurs. I watched a documentary about them and everything, to get them as anatomically (in)accurate as possible ~

 photo Dinos_zps632383bf.jpg

The other day I also discovered something new about myself - I really love drawing dinosaurs.

Until next time :)

Soph x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Animal Charity eBay Auctions!

Recently I discovered that eBay has a brilliant feature - you can donate any percentage of the sale price of your item to a specific listed charity, though their site, and with no hassle. So I made a new account to do just that! I've always wanted to do something to try and raise money for a good cause, and seeing as I love to draw and paint animals all the time, selling my work seemed the obvious and natural thing to do. So, I've done a few one-off drawings, and I will be listing some for sale every now and then, in aid of animal charities :)

Click here to go to my eBay listings.
Here's a peek at the original artworks I have up for sale at the moment ~

 photo charitycollage_zps621b604f.jpg

These are in aid of Free The Bears and Cats Protection. It's such a nice feeling to see someone out there has placed a bid, and the couple of pictures I have up at the moment have been more popular than I expected! Hopefully, over time, we can help to raise a decent amount for different charities.

Thanks for stopping by!

Soph x

Monday, 13 May 2013

Design Futures - Illustrated Dissertation Book

I've been working on this essay about my work bit by bit over the last semester, and finally it's all finished and handed in!
Can't believe how close I am to finishing Uni now.

I quite enjoyed designing the pages, and produced some new work just for the book. Hope you like!
(The sneakier amongst you might just be able to read some text too) ~

 photo designfutures1_zps37a9256e.jpg
 photo designfutures2_zpsc6d69c4b.jpg
 photo designfutures3_zps30c79329.jpg  photo designfutures4_zpsc5db2afb.jpg  photo designfutures5_zpsbc53e2ef.jpg
 photo designfutures6_zps8db5b2a8.jpg
 photo designfutures7_zps7ec2dc60.jpg  photo designfutures8_zps9e647304.jpg
 photo designfutures9_zps51e158bd.jpg
 photo designfutures10_zps9a207be0.jpg
 photo designfutures11_zpsae0f6471.jpg  photo designfutures12_zps437e937b.jpg  photo designfutures13_zps4d862c57.jpg  photo designfutures14_zps8f22e106.jpg
 photo designfutures15_zpsf857a5a0.jpg  photo designfutures16_zps2c58f0d1.jpg
 photo designfutures17_zpsfd0759ac.jpg photo designfutures18_zpsb32506d7.jpg
 photo designfutures19_zps4697d43b.jpg photo designfutures20_zps7c53480a.jpg
 photo designfutures21_zpsb8965c47.jpg photo designfutures22_zpsef974444.jpg  photo designfutures23_zpsd622198b.jpg photo designfutures24_zps6779ee08.jpg  photo designfutures25_zps35553169.jpg photo designfutures26_zpsafee1c9c.jpg  photo designfutures27_zps27da22b6.jpg photo designfutures28_zps78840211.jpg  photo designfutures29_zpsd77a087c.jpg photo designfutures30_zpsb067504b.jpg
 photo designfutures31_zps78ce4a2c.jpg photo designfutures32_zpse867ee73.jpg
 photo designfutures33_zps2d4265df.jpg photo designfutures34_zpsfe344913.jpg

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Soph x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Leo's Lost Donut

 photo DSC010722_zps0fa1c0e9.jpg

Finally getting around to blogging about this!

Please forgive my not posting, I've had the book for a couple of weeks now, but Uni is coming to an end and I'm extra-busy at the moment. Anyway, here's some quick photos of my honours project - a rhyming children's book called 'Leo's Lost Donut'. Thoroughly loved every part of this project! ~

 photo DSC010332_zps2d90750e.jpg
 photo DSC010342_zpsebc7a023.jpg  photo DSC010352_zpsc099f45f.jpg  photo DSC010362_zps07ef2a55.jpg
 photo DSC010372_zpsa36dc500.jpg  photo DSC010382_zps182974f5.jpg  photo DSC010392_zps8a0e967a.jpg  photo DSC010402_zps730cc572.jpg  photo DSC010412_zps68739bd1.jpg  photo DSC010422_zps51410847.jpg
 photo DSC010432_zps04cafc59.jpg  photo DSC010442_zpsa6774dcf.jpg  photo DSC010452_zps1343fee4.jpg  photo DSC010462_zps90ea0b25.jpg  photo DSC010472_zps3cb9d8af.jpg  photo DSC010482_zps85ec9c7d.jpg  photo DSC010492_zps928bdc27.jpg  photo DSC010502_zps41ab3a89.jpg 

The photos aren't the greatest - think I'll need to get it properly photographed at some point - but I just wanted to share! Hope you like the story :) Here's a few close-ups ~  

 photo DSC010512_zpsd1da086f.jpg  photo DSC010522_zpsc4f150b0.jpg  photo DSC010532_zps47a51ee6.jpg  photo DSC010542_zps5ec676fe.jpg  photo DSC010552_zps5ad72e4a.jpg  photo DSC010582_zps8d280b18.jpg  photo DSC010602_zps5c53ef74.jpg  photo DSC010632_zps5d58f895.jpg

The book has now been sent off to the Macmillan Prize Children's Book Competition - now it's a waiting game to see if the judges liked it or not D:

Thanks for stopping by!

Soph x