Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Donut Update & New Doodles

I've finally decided on the materials I'm using for my donut-themed children's book! And it's... paper-cutting and pasting, with pencil crayon, watercolour and gouache elements. It's a big deal, and has only taken me... months and months to decide on it. Anyway...

Here's a small taster of my work in progress, a zoomed-in sample of one of my pages ~

 photo 111_zps1b16b33e-Copy_zpsa11634d3.jpeg 

Very different to the mediums I've used before, but I'm liking it! It's always good to have a challenge, anyway :) I'd really like to know what you guys think!

Also, to keep me slightly sane (drawing and cutting out donuts all the times does take its toll eventually), I've also done these doodles ~
 photo img32622-Copy_zpse69aaa20.jpg
 photo bearbooty_zpse8481c79.jpg

The sexy dancing bears are available to buy in various forms here. Again, I hope you like! :)

Soph x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Illustration Friday - 'Talent'

I did this picture last week - 'Banjo Panda' - and I thought this bear's unusual talent was just perfect for this week's Illustration Friday theme.

 photo banjopanda_zpsa28856b2.jpg

Hope you like it!

Soph x