Friday, 22 February 2013

Not Evil Animals & Other Stuff

I've been (semi)diligently working on my children's book (working title: 'The Lost Donut') and it's safe to say the text is all done and dusted now, so that's good. Now it's just a matter of making the rest of it. Updates on that to follow.

 photo lazytiger_zps775bdada.jpg 

Anyway to take my mind off uni work and my children's book, I've been doodling in a sketchbook and editing and stuff, and I have come up with a few new designs. Above is a lazy tiger, and below are a few penguins. I hope you like them!

 photo penguins3_zps3ff6b161.jpg
*waiting for chicks to hatch...*
 photo penguins2_zpsc272c756.jpg
*silly penguin chicks have hatched, lets feed them this fish, my dear...*
I'm also starting work on a series of drawings in the mean-time, which I'm calling 'Not Evil Animals'.

 photo Crocodile_zps67991cbe.jpgThe idea has been in my head for a while now, and keeps resurfacing every time I see a David Attenborough show, or a hate-mongering film like Jaws or Lake Placid... (please take the phrase 'hate-mongering' with a pinch of salt! Haha. Admittedly I've become super-soft over animals of all kinds these past few years, and this series of course isn't going to be entirely serious). Anyway, the idea is that so many innocent animals get terrible press, sometimes ending in their death or just plain hatred of species. People develop phobias of snakes without ever actually meeting one in person (I met and handled a really cute snake once, and it even had little golden eyeballs. How many fluffy bunnies or kitties have you seen with golden eyes?) It's sad, really. I am terrified of spiders, for example, but it's an irrational fear. The webs and nests they make are incomparable to anything. They silently (and for the most part, invisibly...) rid our houses of unwanted pests, and secretly, deep down, I even know that jumping spiders are kind of cute. Anyway, there's a lot of not completely formed ideas I have relating to this, but hopefully I'll work out what I want to put across when making the pictures...

Oh, and this morning, whilst sneaking around Blackburn Museum, I came across loads of brilliant things, but this book page intrigued me ~

 photo friendsinneedmeetinthewildwood_zpsa3396781.jpg

 "Friends in Need Meet in The Wildwood", by William Morris. That's all I know about it. I must find out more, but I thought I'd share my lovey find.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Soph x

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