Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Illustration Friday - 'Wheel', Self Portrait, & Ukulele Bear

This week's Illustration Friday theme was "wheel". All I have on my mind at the moment is donuts because of my children's book - I'm practically starting to think like a donut now, actually.
So here it is, a wheel-shaped donut ~

 photo wheel_zps769effd2.jpg


I've also sort of done a self portrait. Kind of. I drew this girl in my sketchbook a few weeks ago, and when I was editing it the other day, I thought it looked like me a bit. So yeah, this is me ~

 photo happyface3_zps0c3d3e8e.jpg


Oh, and last night I painted a bear playing a ukulele. With thanks to nice bears and Amanda Palmer for the inspiration.

 photo ukelelebear_zps61788275.jpg

Cute? I hope so.

Thanks for stopping by.

Soph x


  1. OK:
    -I want to eat that wheel!!!!
    -you look beautiful!!!! and
    -I love Amanda Palmer, her Idioteque sounds for me better than Radiohead :)
    Do you ever saw Evelyn-Evelyn?

    1. Thanks Roberto! Donuts are the tastiest type of wheel I think. And yes, I agree about Amanda Palmer. Evelyn-Evelyn is such an unusual and imaginative act! Very strange idea, but very beautiful music :) I never knew you were a fan!

      Soph x


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