Monday, 29 October 2012

Wrapping & Card Project

Just some images of the illustrations I did for my most recent project (seeing as the last photos I posted of the actual cards came out so rubbishly!).

I ended up doing most of the work for Caturday and Saturdog - the most adorable of occasions inspired by the Internet. Also produced some cards and wrapping for Talk Like A Pirate Day, as well as some rather condescending cards featuring my new character - Slewfoot the 'bear' (some slightly naughty words on those cards, so watch out if you are or have a child).

Caturday & Saturdog mascots.

Talk Like A Pirate Day cards & wrapping paper. Sorry for the small images, I am trying to prevent pirates from stealing my, um, design booty...?

My initial takes on Caturday & Saturdog, in card form.

Caturdays above, Saturdogs below.

Aaaaand finally, my Slewfoot cards.

Rather happy with a few of these designs, so much so that some of which may end up in my Etsy Shop (link to the right) before long. I hope you like :)

Soph x