Thursday, 8 December 2011

Limited Edition ~ W.i.P

A few work-in-progress photos of my 'Limited Edition' project for Uni.
Decided to make a series of 50, and use four different colours of card; cream, yellow, green and blue (decided on these as they correspond to the four seasons), and I'll be numbering each one, and putting them in a little CD-sized holder to keep them flat - which I'm currently working on... pics soon, possibly :3 
(Sorry for bad photos being bad! No natural light in my room in Winter... 

It's been such a big job, and I've wasted SO MANY ink cartridges and loads of card in the progress... took me an age to get the measurements right, as the template I was using was ever-so-slightly and annoyingly wonky... but thankfully, everything's turned out chocolatey. Actually rather happy with a project outcome, for once!


Soph x