Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Illustration Friday - 'Perrenial'

My submission for this week's Illustration Friday!
The theme was 'Perennial', which means long-lasting or continuous ~

I chose to show the bond between a child and her pet :3 The setting is somewhere cold like Alaska, hence the snow and fluffy hat.

Materials used are my beloved Letraset fineliner and watercolour pencil crayons. Any comments will be very much appreciated, and all critiques are helpful to me and will be considered! I'm really trying to improve so I'm very thankful for any opinions ^-^

Well anyway, I'm pretty happy with the outcome, although I think I prefer the pencil sketch over the finished piece, despite it being a quick doodle! I don't really have my own cartoon 'style' yet as I mainly tend to draw things more realistically (although you wouldn't think so looking at this blog...), but I'm just going with the flow and experimenting, to see if I can come up with anything nice. Slightly proud of the dog's face, anyway :D

Soph x


  1. I like your drawing very much! and the sketch a little more than the finish - as I ask myself why, I think it might be because the intensity of colour in the background takes away a little from the relationship you show, the expressions of the little girl and her pet. If the background is more muted - either in contrast or hue, might leave all the attention to the foreground. (And I appreciate any and all suggestions too, so feel free!)

  2. This is so cute! Very sweet!

  3. Found this in a random google search for something else--how amazingly adorable!


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