Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Grizzly Bear & Fox Designs

I've done a few character designs following on from the Grizzly Bear I drew the other day. All these were first drawn in pencil, outlined in my trusty Letraset fineliner, then edited on GIMP (yeah, I still haven't got PhotoShop...) I think I'll call him Timothy (based on Timothy Treadwell from 'Grizzly Man'), and his fox friend is (as yet) un-named. I'm thinking if I worked on the idea a bit more, I could come up with a children's story or something. We'll see :3 Also I hate to be a swine about these things, but please note these images and characters are copyright by me.

Comments and ideas are much appreciated! ^-^

Also today I managed to do a few more t-shirt designs on RedBubble from my doodles. If anyone's thinking of joining the site, it's really, really worthwhile - designing t-shirts is surprisingly fun and easy, not to mention the sales really help when you're scrounging for money like I am. That website has given me a fair amount of much-needed spending money these last few months, so believe me when I say it's definitely worth giving it a go! :3

T Shirt: Fox Love TShirt

Soph x


  1. Hey. I love your characters. However I think the white background looks better than others, the characters stand out more. How have you edited it with the colours? It looks really efective. I look forward to seeing the full story in the future (:

  2. Hello! The two friends are just adorable! They remind me in a way of the Little Pince taming the Fox.:) I think a nice tale for children could be born - just let them lead you!
    I like the different colours of the foxy's paws...

  3. My name is atticus. i posted your art on my tumblr page. (i hope thats ok) but i wanted you to know that my musician name is The Guitar Playing Grizzly. It would be awesome if you made a picture for that however, i cannot pay you....

  4. can i use one of your image on my blog?

  5. i, am using as a childs book mannnnn


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