Monday, 27 June 2011

Illustration Friday - 'Midsummer Night'

This week's Illustration Friday theme really stumped me a bit, I have to admit. I thought about going for some kind of take on Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', but as I've not read that in yeeears, decided to go for something a bit less... daunting.
So I had a little think about some of the things that go on in the world during a midsummer night. I thought about doing something festival-related, what with Glastonbury being all over the TV etc, but that would be a big job too, and I kind of wanted a change from drawing people.

Eventually I thought why not an animal or something? So I thought straight back to something I saw on Springwatch the other week (haha... yeah), where they secretly filmed a bunch of baby owls living in a barn. They were being fed constantly by their parents all night, and just looked really cosy and cute. It was great! :D

Anyway, seeing as that was a Spring night, and not a 'midsummer' one, these owlets are slightly older than the ones I saw, so it kind of makes sense. Oh and if you'd like to see a larger version, visit my DeviantART page here.

Here's my first draft / doodle ~

And works in progress / alternate versions ~

Mini-update: Apart from the owls, I've not really done a lot of drawing these last few days, but I've discovered some amazing illustrators and animators that I plan to post about soon. I have also started reading a book that I'll post about when I've finished it. I'm going to Wales for a week this Saturday, so I've been researching any galleries or shows I can visit while I'm there. Oh and I went to Southport beach yesterday, and Millie the border collie absolutely loved it.

Millie frolicking in the bee-infested sand dunes!

I needle felted a black bear and a spotty pig the other day too. I sold two mini sculptures on Etsy in the past few weeks, and I got a bit inspired to create a few more! Sadly though I'm not sure I'll be listing these for sale anytime soon, as I've grown rather attached to them (especially the bear, because his face turned out just too adorable! D:) Sorry for the photos though, needle felted things are annoyingly difficult to photograph :/

Spotty pig - complete with curly tail (not pictured).

 Sitting black bear, with hand-sewn claws and dark brown beady eyes :D

Also I forgot to mention, I drew a (rather creepy-looking) gnome the other day. Guess in some way it's kind of related to the IF theme..? ~

Soph x


  1. You are very talented...and I LOVE the owls!! Among my favorites for this IF go-round!!!

  2. Cute!! I love a felt black bear:) Good job!!

  3. I love the owls and the adorable pig!

  4. Great Owls! They do look so cute and cuddly. The Gnome is creepy looking :P

  5. Really gorgeous. Love the owls!

  6. Dear Sophie, I've just found your blog via Roberto Marin's blog. Your last post impressed me! I like the little owls (in black and white!)- together, but somehow lonely and a little bit scared in the night... Your dwarf is lovely - he might be a hero in a fairy tale! I am a puppet theatre director, not an artist, but I adore children's literature and illustrations!
    I suppose this blog may interest you - Very best wishes from Bulgaria!:)

  7. Well, Sophie, I will say that these owls have been very good.
    I like that you used one color for them is a little how it looks at night (not many colors, really, is not it?)
    I hope the bees do not have bitten your dog (not to you ha ha):(
    very beautiful your animals felt, I guess when you do something very beautiful and you love him very much, is not easy sell, but the solution is not to do nasty things to sell, right?:)
    maybe you should make two of each, and you sell the least favorite.
    Well, I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

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    Espero que te guste mi espacio y dejame un comentario si te apetece

    Saludos desde España


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