Friday, 6 May 2011

The Seed Has Been Planted!

...Well, not really, but I have started a blog.

So... hello, I'm Sophie :3

Well as a brief intro to this blog, basically 'Sophie's Tree' is a name a friend came up with, and after toying with the idea of naming it things like 'Sophie-ology', 'Sophie SweetArt', 'TheoSophie', and even 'Sophie Corrigan Illustration' (which was a little too boring...) I chose 'Sophie's Tree' for a few reasons.
First of all, this is a blog primarily about illustration, and in my artwork (whether it be doodlings, or paintings, or sculptures) nature seems to play a part, usually.
I guess I've always liked trees too (I mean, who doesn't?!)
And of course, I tend to 'branch' out into different mediums pretty often.
Also, I can link everything I say back to things like leaves, bark, saplings, fronds and of course things that could dwell within my tree, such as fluffy little squirrel-type creatures, and possibly the odd goblin.


So yeah. Here it is :3
And here's a nice picture of a puppy I did a few days ago! ~

More updates and images to mysteriously appear shortly.

Soph x