Saturday, 16 January 2016


In 2015, I was asked to work on a really exciting project - five exclusive doggy and food-inspired enamel pins for new Australian company PinstaPals!

The project resulted in five cute pins (so far!) featuring a pug, dachshund, toy poodle, french bulldog and pomeranian. $2 from each pin goes towards a charitable trust that provides service and therapy dogs for people with autism, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, post traumatic stress disorder and other illnesses and disorders.

They kindly sent me my own set of the finished pins, and they are just wonderful in person. I ordered an extra dachshund one for my auntie and she couldn't get over it! It's lived on her jacket since. They each come presented on a cute doggy poop-shaped card backing, and would make ace and unique little gifts. You can order your own cute pins here, and remember to use the hashtag #mypinstapal on Instagram so I can see you wearing them! :D

The toy poodle design is based on the Insta-famous pooch Jinkee, who really looks like a piece of fried chicken (the only fried chicken I'd be happy to order, unless it was Quorn of course).

Happy 2016, by the way! I hope to blog more this year - lots of exciting things are happening that I hope to share with you all soon. Thanks for stopping by :)

Soph x

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Amelia's Colourful Colouring Companion & Interview!

My work has been chosen to appear in Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion (#ameliasccc) - an adult colouring book, which is the latest project by publisher Amelia Gregory of Amelia's Magazine!

Amelia Gregory with my contribution to the book!

The book is currently in its funding stage on Kickstarter - to pre-order a copy (early birds get an amazing deal!), please fund the project here! Below is a video with more details of the magazine.

The artwork I created is exclusive to this book, so to see it in detail please do order a copy! You won't be disappointed - Amelia's Mag really is one of the best out there :) I did an exclusive interview with Amelia, which can be read here!

Soph x

Thursday, 17 September 2015

3D Printed Pugtato!

Recently, I was contacted by Eric Ho on Twitter - a 3D designer for Shapeways, which is a wesbsite that creates bespoke 3D printed sculptures. He asked if I would like to collaborate with him to create a 3D printed Pugtato! Of course I said yes - and it's been really exciting to see my original illustration become a physical, three-dimensional object! 3D printing really is the future :D

Pugtato is now available to buy here.

Eric kindly sent me a Pugtato all of my very own, and I can confirm that it is a really magical little object! It's printed in full-colour sandstone, with a slightly rough texture. It really does just look like a Pugtato should, and just has so much personality sitting on my shelf.

I just adore it, and hope I can collaborate with Eric in the future to re-create more of my characters as physical sculptures! Read more about the collaboration here on, and here on the Shapeways blog.

Soph x

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Animal Friend Gallery Winners!

I had a huuuuuuge response for the #AnimalFriendGallery - so thankyou so much to everyone who entered! You can see all the entries on Facebook here.

But somehow, I had to pick three winners. That was literally impossible, so I picked four. They are below, in no specific order, with my version of their artwork next to the original work, and why I chose their artwork to win! Hope you like :)

@meandnorman on Instagram ~

I picked this illustration by Steph Simpson as I was utterly charmed by it! I do a lot of pet portraits through my Etsy shop, and it was lovely an refreshing to see such an original pose for a cat to be in. So expressive, and filled with character! Also, those paws. I couldn't say no to those paws, and I wanted to draw this cat (who is named Mowie) for myself.

@ruthybop on Instagram ~

Again, I chose this illustration by Ruthy Sinclair because of its charming qualities! I loved the fact that the portrait was of her friend's hamster (named Alvin), and thought it was quite sweet that she'd taken the time to draw him. The story behind it was just too lovely. I also really liked the colour palette, and the floral frame around the little cutie. Very simple, but with a meaning, and quite a special image. It's a drawing a really wanted to try out myself, and was very glad I did! I love a good floral frame, and will be using them more often from now on.

@my_colourfulstuff on Instagram ~

 Despite it being very simple, and quite naive, I bloody loved this entry by Ancilla Mathilda. First of all, the pun made me chuckle on my birthday (it's a bird wishing my dreams will come twoo... how could I resist?), and second, you can clearly see how much of a friend these animals are to Ancilla. She clearly loves her budgies to bits, which struck a chord with me a bit, as I had budgies I loved when I was younger, and to be honest I'm still a bit silly over Tilly these days. I also loved how Skypy (blue budgie) is looking at Sunny (yellow budgie). Not sure why, it just sort of made me chuckle even more. Cuuuute!

And finally, @gabi.rau on Instagram ~

Again, I could clearly see Gabi Rau's love for her cockatiel (Polentinha) in her illustration. I loved how colourful it was, and thought replicating the image might be a bit of a challenge for me, as I haven't done backgrounds for so long! Overall I just thought it was a very pretty and sincere entry. And of course, I do have a soft spot for cockatiels... Gabi even sent me this cute photo of Polentinha when she found out she'd won! ~

Glad to have made a cockatiel happy.

Thanks for stopping by! :)
Soph x

Monday, 10 August 2015


For the last 2 years for my birthday (Aug 16th), I put a call out online for people to make and show me as many pieces of axolotl art as possible. This year, I decided to make the project bigger & more inclusive...

Please join in, be creative, and share :) All artwork will feature on my social media accounts for all to see, and there's original art to be won!

I've had a few people submit their artwork already, which is really exciting and promising! But I'd really like to see the majority on the 16th. It's a good way to get your work seen if you're an artist, and more importantly, is an excuse to draw your animal friends! Really can't wait to pick the winners!!

Soph x