Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pencil Pet Portraits & Some Sad News

I've had loads of commissions lately for portraits of people's pets! I just love doing them. Hearing about each of their little personalities and what makes them unique is just wonderful ~ they're definitely one of my favourite commissions to get! Below is a select few of the little cuties I've had the pleasure of capturing over the last few months ~

If you'd like your own pencil pet portrait, just visit my Etsy shop :)

Speaking of wonderfully unique pets, my best friend of 15 and a half years, Millie the border collie, passed away a couple of weeks ago. It was really tough, and the house just doesn't feel the same since she left. There will never be another dog like her - she was so smart, and sweet. She even used to smile, and didn't really seem like just a dog - she was so much more than that. Ah, Millie... I miss you.

Soph x

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hello 2015 & What I Did in Iceland

Yes, I know I'm very late with this, but here we go... Happy new year everyone! I have a few updates since I last posted, so here's the first... In December, I went on a plane for the first time in my LIFE, and traveled to Iceland for a Christmassy break. A few people have been asking about it, so here it is.

View from Hallgrimskirkja church. You can see my hotel from here!!

Iceland was lovely. I stayed in the city centre of Reykjavik, right near the Hallgrimskirkja church (which has an amazing view from the top) and close to so many ace cafes and lovely shops. I was only there a few days, and wish I'd had time to visit them all! I did spend a day buying gifts and checking out the shops - there were so many tasteful gifts to bring back, and I don't even want to think about what I spent. The city was utterly adorable, all the buildings were colourful and cute, and I didn't see one tacky Christmas light. Every light I saw was tasteful and pretty, which was nice, and lots of the houses looked like gingerbread men lived there. Oh, and while I was there, the entire city was covered in snow! I even saw diamond dust one morning (as I was making my way to the hotel's breakfast buffet, oh yeah), which I'd been wanting to see for ages. I also saw the aurora borealis (or northern lights to people from t'North, like me), and that was what I expected - magical. I went on a tour of the Golden Circle, which included seeing the massive Gulfoss waterfall and Geysir, meeting some cutie horses in the middle of nowhere, walking the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and talking to the tour guide about trolls. I even met some crazy geese on a frozen pond, in the middle of the city. I wish I'd brought some bread for them, but they seemed to like me anyway. I bought a lopapeysa. I tried skyr. I listened to a Chinese tour guide sing opera on a bus at night, for no reason (she was pretty good). I visited the Phallological Museum (also known as the Penis Museum). That was crazy. I clambered about the snowy city of Reykjavik for four days, like nobody's business. It was well ace. Apart from, of course, the failed attempt at whale watching. That was the one negative part of my journey - no whales were spotted that day, but I did discover I get seasick pretty easily. And so do lots of other tourists. Horrific. But yes, Iceland is a little gem, and I'd certainly recommend. Just make sure you have lots of layers on beforehand, it got a bit chilly at times.

Here's more holiday snapz ~

Looking chilly by a waterfall (this one was a lot smaller than Gulfoss)
The Lights!!

Typical Icelandic wall
Original Coca-cola lorry
Friendly birdies on the last night
The Sun Voyager sculpture!
I didn't even slip here (I did near Geysir though, of course)
dat Geysir tho
Fluffy Icelandic horses that my mum would have adored
Lookin' froz'd on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
A sample of colourful Reykjavik!
Hallgrimskirkja - the pretty church outside the hotel

Since I got back, Christmas has come and gone, and I'm now back to work! (And also playing lots of Nintendo). Looking forward to this year, I have a good feeling about it. I'm going back to Uni in September to do an MA in Children's Book Illustration, so I especially can't wait for that! Lots of new work in the pipeline, so make sure you follow me on facebook to keep up to date!

Thanks for stopping by,

Soph x

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Free Drawing Promotion

Last month I ran a promotion on my Etsy shop where you could get a free A5 drawing of an animal of your choice! Here are all the drawings I made...

 photo wilbur_zps649dd3d2.jpg

Hope you like them, thanks for stopping by!

Soph x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Ohh Deer!!

Some very exciting news - some of my designs are now available on one of my all-time fave websites,!

 photo 1_zps168012d3.jpg

It's like a dream come true ~ I've loved this site for years, and never thought I'd one day become one of the contributing artists! At the moment, there are cards available, but soon my designs will be available on their famous and utterly gorgeous cushions! It's just too exciting.

Click here to see my page!!

 photo 3_zpsf8a302d3.jpg photo 4_zps8b2967da.jpg photo 2_zps761964ea.jpg photo 5_zps496443b4.jpg 

 Thanks for reading - I have more updates for you which I shall post soon, but in the meantime you can follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram as I tend to update those more often! :)

Soph x

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My First 3 Hallmark Cards!

It's been two months or so since I last posted here. Gulp. I'm still keeping busy, but I tend to update my Facebook and Twitter a lot more often than Blogger. Not sure why, maybe it's just a habit I've developed? I still love blogging though, and despite opening a little Tumblr blog, Blogger still feels way more 'me'.
Anyway, as always, I'm going to try to post more on here! :)

Well, loads of things have happened since I last posted! I can finally show you my first three Hallmark cards, which have been sighted in certain shops in the UK already! It's so exciting. Here they are ~

 photo 10320516_10203565750444865_2646506767715890214_n_zpsdd29bf95.jpg

And some close up images, front & back (I'm so, so SO pleased my name is actually displayed on the back for this collection!) ~

Boy & Girl

 photo BoyampGirl1-Copy_zpsf7eca7ba.jpg photo BoyampGirl2-Copy_zps5f286a9e.jpg


 photo Dogs1-Copy_zps30ce607d.jpg photo Dogs2-Copy_zpsd2054e71.jpg


 photo Cats1-Copy_zps00a198c4.jpg photo Cats2-Copy_zps7580ea57.jpg 

Hopefully they will be the first of many, as I'm still freelancing for them a few times a week. It's the loveliest office ever, and the work I've done so far for them has been so interesting and fun!

I'll post again soon, thanks as always for reading.

Soph x