Monday, 10 August 2015


For the last 2 years for my birthday (Aug 16th), I put a call out online for people to make and show me as many pieces of axolotl art as possible. This year, I decided to make the project bigger & more inclusive...

Please join in, be creative, and share :) All artwork will feature on my social media accounts for all to see, and there's original art to be won!

I've had a few people submit their artwork already, which is really exciting and promising! But I'd really like to see the majority on the 16th. It's a good way to get your work seen if you're an artist, and more importantly, is an excuse to draw your animal friends! Really can't wait to pick the winners!!

Soph x

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Redbubble Featured Artist Interview

I was asked by Redbubble to do a little interview with them!

Here's the super-lovely introduction they wrote about me ~
"Sophie Corrigan, a U.K. native, earned a first-class Illustration degree from the University of Central Lancashire. She’s at the beginning of an already successful freelance career, specializing in work that reveals the sweetness in both natural and supernatural worlds.
An appreciation of nature is peppered throughout Corrigan’s work. Dancing bears, musical foxes, elephants, dinosaurs, and canines are illustrated with slight, sketchy lines and light, solid colors. Eyes are tiny dots, backgrounds are sparsely detailed, and there’s often a sly smirk to be found on each of her subjects.
As our latest featured artist, Corrigan recently spoke to us about her elegant illustrations, her light and airy palette, her love of animals, and her carefully considered work ethic."

Please visit their blog here to read my interview in full :)

Soph x

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Boomf's 'Art of the Mallow' Competition!

My sister Katie was selected as a finalist for the Boomf 'Art of the Mallow' competition!

(Katie's second from the right!)

We made our way to London yesterday to Boomf HQ, where we met the whole Boomf team (including James Middleton and Andy Bell the CEOs)! I was amazed that Andy recognized us right away, and most of the team knew me from my work with them, which was lovely and quite unexpected. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating, and it was great to finally put names to faces and get some insight into how they work. Sandwiches and snacks were provided, and I chatted to the other lovely finalists while the judges deliberated (the judges being James, fellow Boomf designer Veronica Dearly, and Mr Moonpig himself - Nick Jenkins), and it was great because as I wasn't presenting to the judges, I didn't have to die from nerves! (The finalists handled that exceptionally well, might I add).

Sadly Katie didn't win, but we had a marvelous day, and Izzy Burton was a very worthy winner! Sandwiches and Pimms were enjoyed on the HQ rooftop, overlooking the gorgeous London skyline, while I met and chatted to some great and inspiring people. There were piles of adorable printed marshmallows everywhere, and the sun was shining! The five finalists were all amazing in their own right, and each one went away with a balloon and treat-filled goody bag - and also the prospect of maybe working with Boomf in the future.

Thanks so much again to everyone who voted for Katie - we both really appreciate your support! :)

You can buy my designs on Boomf here (Izzy's great designs will be available soon too!) and you can read more about the event on Boomf's blog here.

Soph x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Boomf ~ Magical Mallows!

My work is now available in tasty marshmallow form via Boomf!!

Boomf create lovely, squishy marshmallows personalised with your own images. I'd heard about them earlier in the year around Valentine's Day, when I saw their little TV ad, and I thought, 'wow, that's a reaaalllly cute idea!' Since looking into the company more, I discovered they also have a stall at Selfridges in London, and are posting out their little mallows worldwide. So I was blown away to receive an email from them asking if I'd like to collaborate with them - and have my work on marshmallows... Of course I would!!

They were kind enough to send me a few boxes of samples with my work on them, and none of them have been eaten yet because they're way too cute to look at (I've heard hearsay that they're very yummy, though). Here are some photos (most of which I found via Instagram) - you can order your own Boomf here, and my designs are available under the 'messages' section'!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Soph x

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Chester Zoo Sketches

I went to Chester Zoo recently for (what I think was) the first time ever!

It was brilliant. As soon as you enter you get to see a bunch of elephants, and even a baby flump. Once I'd seen that, everything else was really just a bonus! I especially loved the butterfly house - I'd been dying to go to one for a long time, as I used to love going in them on holidays when I was little! It was also great to see Oakfield House, as I enjoyed last year's BBC series 'Our Zoo' maybe a little too much.

But yes. It was a magical day, and want to go again at some point! We were there for eight hours I think and hadn't managed to see it all. We had to rush through the gift shop, which was a shame really as it was BRILLIANT. Of course I managed to buy a small wooden flump (amongst other things) though :) Here's a few sketches from photos I took on the day. Hope you like them! ~

Soph x